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Each year the Chronicle of Philanthropy publishes a list of the 50 top charitable givers for the previous year. While some of the names on the list might not surprise you, the majority of the donors who place in the top-ten are new to this top 50 list.
It’s important to note that the vast-majority of [...]

I know that for many people, online reputation management is always a major issue, especially for those of us who work on projects that aren’t related to our current employment.
One of the biggest challenges in online reputation management is the powerful caching and indexing power of search engines like Google and Yahoo. With their [...]

If you answered yes, it’s quite clear that you’re not alone.
According to a Washington Post - ABC News poll, 63% of Americans say they are hurting during this extremely tough economy.

What’s even more troubling:

Nearly two in 10 said they or someone living in their household had lost a job in the past few months, and [...]

Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme Hurts Nonprofits

Unfortunately, news coming from Wall Street over the last few days (or months for that matter) hasn’t been positive. This time the headlines were focused on a Ponzi scheme orchestrated by former NASDAQ Chairman, Bernard Madoff and the nearly $50 billion that he fraudulently managed.
While many of these articles mentioned the exposure that large corporations [...]

Regardless of economic conditions, there is one thing that is always certain: non-profit organizations have to pay their bills and continue to pursue their missions.
For the most part, no money equals no organization.
However, even when there is a rough economy, regardless of what other cuts an organization is forced to make, the one thing that [...]

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