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While statements of sluggish sales seem to be the norm in today’s economy, for awhile it seemed that there were many analysts who were hopeful that the 2008 holiday sales results would yield positive numbers and provide some glimmer of hope, hopefully providing a much needed boost to economic (primarily investor) confidence.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear [...]

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Circuit City has finally come to the realization that their current model is unsustainable, and are now reorganizing under Chapter 11.
Yes, Circuit City is bankrupt.
I’ve heard some suggest that Circuit City could be the next Tweeter and fade into oblivion, however after thinking about this for awhile, I [...]

Will Circuit City go bankrupt?

The past year and a half has been one nightmare after another for one of the nation’s largest electronics retailers.
From incompetent CEO’s, missed sale opportunities, to a struggling economy, Circuit City now finds itself in a position where their prospects for staying afloat seem bleak at best.
In the last year alone, Circuit City has seen [...]

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