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This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone these days,  but the New York Post is reporting that magazine print advertisement sales have declined 21.5% during the first quarter of 2009 (as compared to Q1, 2008).
From the article:
MAGAZINES are generally seen as good early warning signs for economic downturns. The [...]

Just how bad is the economy?

While Washington is putting the finishing touches on a stimulus package that was designed to bring the economy back up to par, create jobs, and boost weak sales numbers, it appears that the economy seems to be recovering on its own.
Here are some numbers that were reported today:

Retail Auto Sales (includes parts and [...]

Each year the Chronicle of Philanthropy publishes a list of the 50 top charitable givers for the previous year. While some of the names on the list might not surprise you, the majority of the donors who place in the top-ten are new to this top 50 list.
It’s important to note that the vast-majority of [...]

Job numbers are much worse than you think

If you pay attention to any financial news medium, the one thing that you tend to hear mentioned frequently is the most current workforce data. While the one number that they tend to use the most is the unemployment rate, when trying to get a wider picture of the state of the American workforce, it’s [...]

While statements of sluggish sales seem to be the norm in today’s economy, for awhile it seemed that there were many analysts who were hopeful that the 2008 holiday sales results would yield positive numbers and provide some glimmer of hope, hopefully providing a much needed boost to economic (primarily investor) confidence.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear [...]

If you answered yes, it’s quite clear that you’re not alone.
According to a Washington Post - ABC News poll, 63% of Americans say they are hurting during this extremely tough economy.

What’s even more troubling:

Nearly two in 10 said they or someone living in their household had lost a job in the past few months, and [...]

Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme Hurts Nonprofits

Unfortunately, news coming from Wall Street over the last few days (or months for that matter) hasn’t been positive. This time the headlines were focused on a Ponzi scheme orchestrated by former NASDAQ Chairman, Bernard Madoff and the nearly $50 billion that he fraudulently managed.
While many of these articles mentioned the exposure that large corporations [...]

Yes, we’re in a recession, but for how long?

One of the things that annoys me more than anything is when members of the media avoid coming out and confirming things that just about every American, regardless of their level of education, already knew. This was the case with the latest “news” that the United States has been in recession since December, 2007.
While the [...]

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