Unfortunately, it looks like Google is calling it quits (at least for now) on its Print Ads program.

From AdWeek:

In a entry posted Tuesday on the corporate blog google-tmads.blogspot.com, Spencer Spinnell, director of Google Print Ads, said the company would stop selling print ads on Feb. 28, and that all previously purchased campaigns would cease by the end of March.

Spinnell acknowledged that the product simply did not deliver the kind of results Google was hoping for. “The product has not created the impact that we — or our partners — wanted,” he wrote.

While the product may not have had the initial impact that they wanted, it definitely had a lot of potential, especially in the nonprofit/activism space.

However, I think that the real problem with this product is that they didn’t market it as well as they could have. I remember when I first found out about Google Print Ads, and it happened to only be by mistake, and I have a feeling that there are plenty of other users out there who came across it the same way.

I really hope that Google doesn’t completely call it quits on this project, and instead puts it on the shelf for awhile, with the intention of bringing a new-and-improved product back once the economy gets better.

I guess we’ll see what happens.

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