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I know that for many people, online reputation management is always a major issue, especially for those of us who work on projects that aren’t related to our current employment.
One of the biggest challenges in online reputation management is the powerful caching and indexing power of search engines like Google and Yahoo. With their [...]

Unfortunately, it looks like Google is calling it quits (at least for now) on its Print Ads program.
From AdWeek:
In a entry posted Tuesday on the corporate blog, Spencer Spinnell, director of Google Print Ads, said the company would stop selling print ads on Feb. 28, and that all previously purchased campaigns would cease [...]

Job numbers are much worse than you think

If you pay attention to any financial news medium, the one thing that you tend to hear mentioned frequently is the most current workforce data. While the one number that they tend to use the most is the unemployment rate, when trying to get a wider picture of the state of the American workforce, it’s [...]

Pandora to add commercials

With the economy hurting just about every industry, it looks like even some of the most successful and “sticky” websites on the net are going to be making changes to increase revenue. This time, it looks like it’s Pandora that is going to try their luck with increasing their advertising potential:
Pandora has recently rolled [...]

On January 6th, both the “twitter-sphere” and “blogosphere” was enraged with frustration after the traditionally reliable platform was offline for 38 minutes, bringing many businesses and nonprofits to a temporary standstill.
From, which hosts CRM and other enterprise applications over the Internet for thousands of companies, said on its community site that the [...]

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