If you answered yes, it’s quite clear that you’re not alone.

According to a Washington Post - ABC News poll, 63% of Americans say they are hurting during this extremely tough economy.

What’s even more troubling:

Nearly two in 10 said they or someone living in their household had lost a job in the past few months, and more than a quarter said they had their pay or hours reduced. And 15 percent said that at some point in the past year they fell behind on their rent or mortgage.

Not only is that a bad sign for the overall economy, it’s an particularly troubling sign for businesses and nonprofits.

With economic confidence so low, and people hearing countless horror stories, I’m extremely fearful to see the decline in year-over-year declines now that we’re officially in a recession.

Unfortunately, nobody really knows when things are going to get better, so until then we’re stuck in a waiting game, hoping for the best.

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