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Regardless of economic conditions, there is one thing that is always certain: non-profit organizations have to pay their bills and continue to pursue their missions.
For the most part, no money equals no organization.
However, even when there is a rough economy, regardless of what other cuts an organization is forced to make, the one thing that [...]

With the economy continuing to decline, companies of all sizes are now finding themselves having to make adjustments to their marketing budgets, while still hoping to maintain consistency in performance and conversion.
This was made quite clear in a report released today on

It makes sense that you would see the largest increase in the two [...]

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Circuit City has finally come to the realization that their current model is unsustainable, and are now reorganizing under Chapter 11.
Yes, Circuit City is bankrupt.
I’ve heard some suggest that Circuit City could be the next Tweeter and fade into oblivion, however after thinking about this for awhile, I [...]

Next Stop, DreamForce 2008

Starting Sunday afternoon I’ll be in San Francisco for the DreamForce 2008 User and Developer Conference.

For those of us in the nonprofit sector who currently use, this is a great opportunity to see what other organizations are doing, but more importantly to see how people are using SaaS outside of the nonprofit sphere.
One [...]

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