Even though there have been many financial experts who have urged the American people to save their money and hold off from unnecessary expenses, there are many entrepreneurs who see the struggling economy as an opportune time to start a new company, or grow their existing enterprises.

While the approaches may differ depending on the sector you’re in, Mike Michalowicz from the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur has put together a great video explaining some simple ways entrepreneurs can succeed during difficult economic times.

Start & Grow a Healthy Business in a Recession from Toilet Paper on Vimeo.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mike Michalowicz, I strongly recommend that you check out his latest book, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. If you’re new to the world of entrepreneurism, make this the first business-related book you read, as it provides insight that most simply neglect to offer. This book is an extremely easy read and definitely worth every penny.

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